Car AC Smells Terrible: What Should I Do?

You’ve gotten into your car, turned on the AC only to be met with a dreadful smell wafting out from the vents. Your air conditioning is a vital part of your car system, especially during the summer when the temperatures start to rise. There are some things you can try to resolve the issue, if they don’t work, it is advisable to visit professional car servicing in Reading to fix the problem. Driving around with a stinking AC system isn’t something any of us want to do, this smell has been described in many ways, including:

  • Smelly Socks
  • Rotten Eggs
  • Someone Passing Wind
  • Fishy
  • Musty

Let’s us take a look at how these smells occur and what we can do as vehicle owners to prevent them.

Cause & Prevention

Moisture tends to get stuck in the AC system and affects the air that goes through it. The water will gather around the coils, creating moisture, this moisture cannot evaporate or drain away from the AC system. If the drain line is damaged, mould will start to accumulate in the AC system. The unit will stay damp all the time, creating a breathing ground for bacteria and other compounds. When the air passes through the vents and into the car, the mould carries a foul smell.

You can try fix the problem by turning off your AC before you shut off the engine. Replacing the air filter could eliminate the odour. If none of these things work and you still have a bad smell, you’ll need help from a car garage.