Five Features to Look Out for in Armored Vehicles

The demand for vehicles that provide a great combination of comfort and luxury is continuing to increase. Executives and VIPs spend time on the road, thus, need maximum protection against intruders. This is where armored vehicles come into play. These vehicles are specially designed to ensure the highest level of protection for their passengers and valuables. But, because these vehicles are not created equal, you must ensure you choose one that has your preferred features. These include:

Armored Bulk-Head

This is the partitioned portion of the vehicle behind the driver and his passenger. It is designed for securing cargo during transit. An armored bulk-head is made to fit into the vehicle’s body and is usually made of impenetrable steel. It secures the driver and other passengers against injury from cargo movement and deters criminals from getting an access to its contents. The bulk-head in an armored vehicle has resistance to bullets and is steel-paneled to ballistic level requirements.

Electric Door Locks

Armored vehicles from Troy Armoring are equipped with electric door lock systems and a backup system on their entrances to. This is meant to ensure security is not compromised in case of a failure.

Inbuilt Drop Safe

This is meant to minimize the need for handling cash for cash-in-transit drivers and others. It allows users to deposit money without necessarily accessing it. Also, it makes it possible to communicate all deposits made to a designated recipient. Thus, it can keep track of all monies received and notifies right away the relevant individual when a breach happens.


This works by using codes for blocking or unblocking vehicle operating systems. It is often used hand-in-hand with GPS systems. Users can manage it using any device with an access to the internet.

A vehicle immobilizer will require the installation of an app on a device using the interface so it can be run from anywhere. Once criminals switch off the stolen vehicle, it will never switch on again. Vehicles that have these immobilizers are often fitted with stickers in order to discourage thieves from taking the vehicle and going through this.

Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Some fake cargo companies or collector will make a deceptive pick-up but end up vanishing from the radar after making their first turn. This makes it necessary to come up with strategies to prevent this from happening in the first place. This armored vehicle feature includes the installation of GPS devices on it and marking exact boundaries. With this, an alarm will sound or the vehicle is immobilized if one goes beyond this zone.